Fitness, Yoga and Ayurveda retreat

 White Petal Ayurveda & Shakti Collective

A short retreat to help you get away from your hectic life and take the time to connect with yourself and nature.

Introducing you to beautiful ways of healing like meditation, sound healing, guided ecstatic dance, journaling, ayurvedic concepts, exercise, cacao ceremony, walks through nature and much more.


Run by an Indian German family, Trimurti garden has been a home for people all around the world for more than 25 years. It is situated at the perfect spot just 1.5km from the main tourist attraction, Mcleodganj, surrounded by nature. It is the perfect getaway from all the city noise to take some time to slow down and get back to yourself. The garden cafe has been running since 2007. You can enjoy reading a book in the garden or listening to the birds sing and take some time to connect with nature while you try the delicious german cakes the cafe has to offer. Trimurti garden offers healthy, homemade food, fresh juices and smoothies during retreats to help you cleanse your body and heal.


Dharamkot is a small hill station in Kangra district in Himachal Pradesh. On the crest of a hill above Mcleodganj. Dharamkot is a spot with wide views of the Kangra valley and the Daulahdhar ranges. 

Past Dharamkot, at a distance of 9km from Mcleodganj, much of which is a steady climb, Triund is at the foot of the Daulahdar ranges and is at a height of 2,827m. Come and explore the untouched beauty of Dharamkot and get lost in the inifinte nature trails. Come and meet yourself and fall in love with the fresh mountain air, clear and bright blue skies and astonishing sunsets.


Sangita Rehela was born to an Indian-German family in Himachal. In her early teens she was always told that she was too fat. She found fitness when she needed it the most and saw how it helped her not just physically but also mentally. Seeing how much it helped her, she had the strong desire to learn more, so she could help other people too. She did her fitness trainer and nutrition coach certification in Germany and has been working on helping poeple get fit and making the right lifestyle choice, in India for 4 years now. Her dream is to help as many people as possible to achieve a healthy, balanced and happy lifestyle. Also to make people realise that healthy food can taste delicious too and the right exercise can feel like the best thing you ever did for your body.
Veda is a teacher in traditional Hatha, Sivananda, Yin Yoga and Reiki Master. She has been travelling to India since her childhood meeting different spiritual teachers. In an early age she developed a fascination and deep love for the culture and religious philosophy that India had to offer and soon she started developing her own spiritual practice, singing mantras and bhajans and practicing yoga and meditation. After spending extensive time in various ashrams, Veda deepened her spiritual practice and determination to make spiritual growth a central purpose in her life. She studied yoga in Rishikesh where she became a certified yoga teacher and accomplished her Reiki Master degree. For the last 4 years she has been teaching yoga in various schools in Europe and India, as well as practicing Reiki, leading Ecstatic Dance journeys, Kirtn and women circles.
Veda Nellissen
Yoga Teacher
After studying Ayurveda in south India for nearly 6 years, Anandni has been on a journey of helping people heal and spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda. She worked in Germany for nearly 2 years and specialised in Stress related diseases like burnout, anxiety, obesity, IBS, and also degenerative diseases like MS, Parkinsons, joint degeneration and pain. She is fascinated by the mind and body connection and believes alot of people can be cured by just changing their mindset or removing the stressor. She came back to India with a vision to build her own clinic. A place where people can heal connected with nature. White Petal Ayurveda is just that. A place where people can forget their worries, feel at home and focus all their energy on healing.
Dr Anandni Rehela
Ayurvedic Doctor
Rahul Sircar, born in the city of joy, Kolkata, received shaktipath at a very early age in one of the shaktipeeths in Kolkata. He has been working with sound as a modality of healing, using binaural waves and ecstatic dance to help people transcend from the mundane to a higher plane of consciousness. He is also a Yoga Teacher working with a more dynamic approach to spiritual, mental and physical upliftment.
Rahul Sircar
Ecstatic Dance/ Sound healing facilitator


INR 24800 – Sharing  , INR 28000 – Single

Includes all workshops, accomodation and food.