The ayurvedic treatment recommended for you depends on your body type, condition, sleep and digestion. We recommend you to consult our doctor before booking any treatment.


The preservation of health is easier than the cure for disease.

B J Palmer

Duration 1h

Full body oil massage increases the blood circulation throughout the body.  Its has a deep nourishing effect and provides strength to the muscles and joints. 

It is especially effective in balancing Vata.

Different oils are used according to your body type and ailment.


Duration 100mins (includes full body oil massage)

Shiro- Head, Dhara- Flow

Medicated oil/liquid/milk/ buttermilk is poured over the forehead  at a rhythmic motion.

Highly effective incase of Insomnia, anxiety, stress, burnout, hairfall.

Pinda Sweda

Duration 90min

A combination of oil massage and sweat therapy using warm medicated oils and herbs wrapped in a thin cloth bag. It helps in removing toxins from the body and is highly effective in stiffness, pain, rheumatoid arthritis.

The oils and herbs differ according to your condition.

 Churna pinda sweda- cloth bag with special powders useful for stiffness and pain.

Njavara- Rice bolus, milk and herbs- nourishing, gives strength to the muscles.

Patra Pinda sweda- Special  freshly plucked leaves, good for pain, degeneration.


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Duration 60min

One of the most recommended treatments for weight loss, this treatment is carried out with a mixture of aromatic herbs which help remove deep seated toxins, improves fat metabolism and exfoliates the skin. 

It is also very effective for cellulite.

Sarvanga Dhara/ Kayaseka

Duration 90min

Pouring medicated liquid over the body.

Medicated milk – cooling and nourishing, incase of dryness.

Medicated buttermilk- cooling, effective in skin conditions like neurodermatitis, rashes, too much heat in the body.

Dhanyamla (Made out of fermented grains) – For pain, stiffness, swelling.

Kashaya – Liquid prepared with herbs like Dashamoola, Ashwagandha, Castor. Based on ther dosha involved, different kashayas are used.

Oil- For vata disorders like degeneration, pain, dryness



Duration 90min (Includes 30min head, shoulder, back massage)

The most intensive and potent external oil application in which oil is retained over the head with a special cap for 60mins. 

It is very effective in migraines, diseases of the nervous system like Parkinson’s, MS, Diseases related to the eyes, ear, nose, hair.

Nasyam : 30min

Instilling oil/ghee/medicated liquid/powder into the nose. It is indicated as a treatment for migraines, neck stiffness, frozen shoulder, memory problems and dryness in the eyes, ears, nose.

Shiroabhyanga : 30min

Done with medicated oils. Includes a neck and shoulder massage. 

Indicated in – Migraines, stress, sleep disturbance, dryness in the head, eyes, nose, ears, hairfall, early greying of hair.

Padabhyanga : 30min

The feet are connected to all the organs in the body. Oiling and massaging the feet should be done daily.

Indicated in sleep disturbance, stress. It also helps improve digestion.


Duration : 30min

After years of eploring, we finally came up with the best combination of Ayurvedic herbs to rejuvenate your face.

This 30 min treatment includes a face massage, exfoliation, steam and an Ayurvedic face pack to help your skin regenerate. It gives a natural glow and makes your skin feel nourished.

Good quality ayurvedic oils are used for all our treatments.

Our treatment room is sanitised and completely cleaned after every treatment.